DFY Narration
Special Offer To Work With You
To Create Your Audiobook
In Your Own Voice
I'm here to help you create your audiobook, recorded by you, in your own voice.

If you don't want someone else to narrate, and you're concerned about things going wrong when you narrate (figure out the software, process, time, production, and uploading) then you're in the right place!
What Is Included, Exactly?
  • Introductory Information: I'll tell you what equipment (microphone, mounting arm, foam padding) to get and install in your recording room (office)
  • Meeting #1: We'll meet on Zoom (you choose the time slot) to install the recording software (Audacity), adjust your recording settings, and I'll guide you through recording the opening/closing credits, retail sample, and first few minutes of recording
  • Meeting #2: After you've recorded the first 15 minutes or first chapter, we'll meet again to review your initial recording, verifying that the audio is acceptable for Audible and discussing ways to make the remainder of your audiobook narration journey fun and easy
  • Meeting #3: After you have completely narrated your audiobook, we'll meet one final time to login to your account and send your book to Audible
  • Weekly Accountability: I will remind you once per week (usually on a Friday) to check in with progress, ensure you stay motivated, and handle any problems/bottlenecks you have along the way (including recording settings getting accidentally changed or anything you're unsure about recording)
What Is "The Fine Print?"
  • No Refunds: I will meet with you over the course of weeks or months to ensure your audiobook is recorded (to the best of my ability) -- however, it is up to you to put in the time to record (narrate) your audiobook
  • You Must Purchase Your Own Audio Equipment: I will tell you exactly what recording equipment you must purchase and setup in your recording space to create your book. The cost for this is about $200. We may be able to work with your existing equipment.
Created by Robert Plank of JumpX LLC, DFY Narration is a done-for-you-service that publishes your existing Amazon book into an Audible audiobook in just a few days.
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